The Perfect Fountain

Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor living area with one of our unique fountains. Whether mounted on a wall or nestled in a garden, fountains breathe beauty and tranquility into any space. Naturally, peacefully, they delight both eyes and ears. With distinctive designs that range from classical to modern, our fountains are certain to add an esthetic flourish to your garden or patio setting. What’s more, the soft sound of cascading water provides the perfect complement to any outdoor experience, whether you are dining, entertaining, or simply relaxing.

Here at Bond, we’ve taken care to provide you with an exceptionally diverse selection of fountains. Within our collection, you will discover a variety of designs, sizes, features, and finishes. When you purchase a fountain from Bond, you will be pleased by the quality, beauty, and serenity that it brings to your outdoor décor.

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Our Models

A Design to Match Your Style

Perhaps you’re looking for a fountain with a classic, time-honored design. Or maybe you’re considering a more modern, art-deco look. We offer a wide selection of fountains so that you may find one to match your individual style and purpose. Our designs include tiered fountains, urn-style fountains, statuary fountains, and many more. Each fountain reflects a certain artistic influence, whether inspired by classical sculpture, old-world charm, or the timeless shapes of nature.

From Small to Spectacular

And every size in between. If you’re looking for a compact tabletop model to enhance your outdoor dining arrangement, we have a fountain for you. If you’re looking for a dramatic fountain to serve as your garden’s central showpiece, our collection has something for you, as well. Dimensions vary from tall and slender to low and broad, and our selection also includes versatile wall-mounted fountains.

A Variety of Finishes

We know that texture and look is important. To that end, we are pleased to offer a number of different options. Many of our fountains are finished in Envirostone™, a premium blend of resin and marble powder that looks and feels like real stone. The faux-stone finish of our prudently priced fiberglass models is also remarkably lifelike. And for those who’d like a smoother, more lustrous look, many of our ceramic models come in a glazed finish.

Attractive Features

All of our models come with easy-to-install pumps that circulate water through your fountain, creating that soft, pleasant sound. To enhance your ambiance even further, select one of our many lighted models. Together, the luminous glow and the falling water will enchant your outdoor living area.



Select fountains are made from Envirostone™, an innovative composite of resin and marble that delivers durability, versatility, and a remarkable resemblance to real stone. Other models have been crafted from quality fiberglass and traditional plastic, which offer an attractive look at a competitive price. We are also proud to present a new line of unique ceramic fountains.


The pumps that power our fountains are all UL® listed, the standard for safety testing in the industry. Pump voltage stands at 120V, meeting North American specifications.

Customer Service

Bond pledges to reinforce our quality fountains with excellent customer service. We are at your disposal during our listed hours to respond to any question or issue that may arise as you install and enjoy this new addition to your garden or patio. If a problem with your pump should occur, we house replacements at our warehouse in California for quick delivery.