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The joys of gardening are practically limitless. The sensation of cultivated soil between your fingers. The sweet smell of blooming bulbs. The satisfaction of nursing a seed into a fully grown plant. For the gardeners of today, a beautiful, aromatic green space is not the only reward—tending to a plot of land also means reduced stress, enhanced physical fitness, and an overall improvement in quality of life.

We want you to maximize the time spent in your garden. To that end, we’ve created a selection of high-quality, expertly designed tools that have been specially crafted to address a range of gardening challenges. Our lawn and garden line includes pruners, loppers, rakes, shovels, planting implements, and watering products. Whether you’re growing flowers or produce, whether you’re a novice or an expert, we carry the tools to suit every breed of gardener.

garden tools

Our Models

Pruners, Loppers, and Shears

To help you control lawn and garden overgrowth, we offer an assortment of highly specialized cutting tools. Our grass and floral shears make easy work of your delicate trimming jobs, while our precision pruners, sturdy loppers, and robust hedge shears reduce the hassle of cutting through woodier stems.

Hand Tools for Planting and Cultivating

Raising healthy, beautiful plants begins with the correct tools. We offer a selection of trowels, cultivators, transplanters, and other gardening implements, all carefully crafted for comfort and performance. To suit your particular needs and preferences, many of our tools come in a variety of materials, including durable steel, long-wearing stainless steel, and lightweight fiberglass.

Shovels and Rakes

Design specificity—that is the hallmark of our shovel and rake selection. Our shovel catalog includes square heads for transporting soil, round heads for easy digging, and ergonomic D-handled models for extra comfort. Our digging products also come in a range of materials, from contractor-grade steel to versatile fiberglass.

Likewise, our selection of rakes is all about quality and variety. Collect fallen leaves comfortably with one of our lightweight polypropylene fan rakes, or use a powerful bow rake to break up cultivated soil. Our catalog also includes spring-back and lightweight bamboo models, all thoughtfully designed to help you beautify your lawn and garden.


We carry an extensive selection of hoses, each one specially designed for a particular outdoor purpose. For lawn and garden watering, we offer light-duty hoses, as well as sprinkler and soaker models. If you expect your hose to endure more wear and tear, we offer stronger models ranging from medium-duty to contractor-grade. Many of our models come in a variety of lengths, from 50’ to 120’. Though coupling composition will vary depending on the model (materials include solid brass, stainless steel, and nickel-plated brass), all couplings are long-lasting and remarkably crush-proof. We are also proud to offer specialty models for decks, boats, and campers, as well as an innovative lead-free hose for safe drinking.


Maximize the power of your hose with one of our specially designed watering attachments. For broad, efficient watering, we offer a range of oscillating, stationary, and pulsating sprinklers. For targeted watering and cleaning, choose from among our high-quality nozzles, pistols, and water wands.

Plant Support

Sometimes a garden requires more support than the gentle hands of the gardener can provide. For these cases, we offer innovative products to control growth and provide stability. Our selection of supportive implements includes saucers, stakes, twine, ties, and wire.


Superb Materials

Care has been taken to construct our gardening products from a variety of excellent materials. When crafting our steel and stainless steel products, we select the best material from highly reputable sources. Much of the steel used in the construction has been either hardened, tempered, or heat-treated to ensure the durability and longevity of the product. We make thoughtful decisions when matching product material to product purpose. This principle can be seen across our entire product line, from our lightweight polypropylene rakes to our heavy-duty PVC hoses.

Designed and Constructed With You In Mind

Wherever possible, we’ve incorporated user-friendly conveniences into our products. Notice, for instance, the handles of our trowels and cultivators, which feature hang holes for easy storage. Many of our loppers, pruners, and shears feature non-stick blades to ease the frustration of cutting and trimming. These are just two of the built-in conveniences that bring ease and comfort to our green-thumbed gardeners.

Rigorous Testing

All of our garden tools have been submitted to rigorous quality assurance tests. The materials used to make each product are screened several times before the production process begins. During and after production, tools are tested both visually and manually. Our testing procedures have been developed to ensure the quality and integrity of every product that reaches our customers.

Customer Service

Bond pledges to reinforce the quality of our garden tools with excellent customer service. We are at your disposal during our listed hours to respond to any question or issue that may arise as you use our products to beautify your lawn or garden.