Grills for every occasion

An outdoor grill is not just a cooking surface—it has come to symbolize much more. An iconic fixture in backyards everywhere, the grill represents so many of life’s pleasures—summertime, family, and a shared culinary experience. Unlike indoor cooking, which generally occurs behind closed kitchen doors, grilling takes place in the open air, where guests can mingle and watch as their food is prepared. Grills have become a mainstay at sports tailgates, graduation parties, and other large-group barbecues. And more often than ever, families turn to their grills to prepare quick, healthy dinners on a regular basis.

Here at Bond, we understand the significance of the outdoor grill. For the true grilling aficionado, we’ve crafted models with deluxe components and innovative conveniences to improve the overall cooking experience. For those with smaller outdoor living areas, we’ve developed a series of compact models with space-saving features. Our collection of high-quality, superbly designed grills is sure to include one that suits your own home and lifestyle.


Our Models

Just the Right Size

We’ve sized our grills to fit a variety of outdoor spaces. Among our non-portable models, cooking surfaces vary from trim and compact to multi-tiered and expansive. For the grillmaster with a large outdoor living area, we carry six-burner models with lots of storage space. For tighter areas, we offer a selection of smaller, two-burner grills that come equipped with space-saving innovations such as collapsible prep shelves.

Convenient Features

In order to enhance your grilling experience, we’ve developed a number of innovations that make our designs as user-friendly as possible. Depending on the model you choose, you may enjoy the benefits of automatic ignition, convenient utensil hooks, or a unique wheeled storage caddy for easy replacement of the propane tank.

Deluxe Innovations

If you choose one of our upscale grills, you will enjoy a range of exclusive features. Select models may offer rotisserie burners, ample internal storage, warming trays, searing burners, cooking grates made of durable cast iron, and split lids for isolated food preparation

Portable Options

Ideal for tailgates and camping, our portable models are built for easy travel and efficient storage. We offer two high-quality options, a compact propane grill and a kettle-style charcoal grill. Both models come finished in a lustrous, high-gloss coating, making them as attractive as they are functional.



All of our models blend impeccable design and robust materials. Except where noted, grill hoods, bowls, and frames are made from either SPCC or high-quality 304 stainless steel.

Cooking Surfaces

Among our selection of non-portable grills, cooking surfaces range in size from 405 to 842 square inches. Depending on the model, cooking grates are made from steel, stainless steel, or cast iron. Whether or not grates can be placed in the dishwasher is contingent upon the area of the particular grate and the size of the dishwasher.


Our gas grills are equipped with stainless steel tube burners for high performance and long-lasting quality. Depending on the size of the model, grills may be powered by either two, four, or six burners.

Heat Output

Our smallest gas grill, the portable model, registers a heat output capacity of 12,000 BTUs. Among our non-portable models, heat output capacities range from 24,000 BTUs for a standard two-burner to 72,000 for our largest grill.

Customer Service

Bond pledges to reinforce the quality of our grills with excellent customer service. We are at your disposal during our listed hours to respond to any question or issue that may arise as you explore the culinary possibilities of your new outdoor grill.