The Comfort and Style of Outdoor Heating

Bring the warmth and comfort of your living room into your backyard with one of our beautifully crafted outdoor heaters. By adding a source of heat to your patio décor, you can extend your outdoor living season into the spring and autumn. Imagine relaxing outside on a crisp April morning, or entertaining in your backyard on a brisk September evening. Depending on the strength of the heater you choose, many of these otherwise chilly situations will become possible. When you’ve worked hard to create such a pleasurable outdoor living area, you deserve to take full advantage of it, and an outdoor heater allows you to do just that.

We’ve provided you with an extensive selection of heating options so that you can choose the size and design that best suits your unique outdoor lifestyle. We carry smaller tabletop models and larger, more powerful models. Our selection also includes statuesque heating columns, stunning fire fountains, and wood-burning fire pits. Should you choose one of our elegant fire tables, you will love how it replicates the feel of an indoor hearth, and how naturally your guests will gravitate around it for comfort and conversation. We’ve taken care to create a number of artistically distinctive collections so that your outdoor living area will look as good as it feels, even when temperatures begin to dip.

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Our Models

Sized to Fit Your Individual Setting

No matter the purpose that you’d like your outdoor heater to serve, we’ve developed a product sized to meet that purpose. On the smaller end, we offer compact tabletop models that warm the area immediately surrounding your dining arrangement. For broader heating in a larger space, we have an array of tall, dramatic patio heaters. Our fire columns enhance your outdoor ambiance without taking up too much space, whereas your guests will enjoy pulling their chairs up to the larger fire pits and tables.

A Variety of Sophisticated Designs

Our design team has created an assortment of distinctive outdoor heating collections, each of which reflects a unique inspiration, style, or tone. We offer classic looks to complement a more formal setting, wicker-style looks to add a touch of casual charm, or faux-stone looks that bring the strength and beauty of nature onto your patio. A select number of models will even add a splash of color to your outdoor space.

The Right Materials

Each one of our outdoor heaters has been crafted from quality materials, all carefully chosen to maximize the function, value, and visual impact of the product. Our steel propane heaters offer a sleek, subtle look. Also popular are the models made from natural stone. Most of our collections are made from Envirostone™, a remarkable blend of resin and marble that can be used to replicate an impressive range of textures, from smooth, solid paneling to elegant wicker. Finally, we even offer an assortment of stunning ceramic models, all specially treated to resist the elements and prolong the life of the product.

Wood or Gas

Though the majority of our models are powered by small tanks of propane—the safer, cleaner alternative—we do offer a selection of wood-burning fire pits for those who would like to recreate the crackling campfire feel in their own backyard.

The Beauty of a Cohesive Ensemble

We have grouped our outdoor heating products into a series of collections so that you may choose a variety of sizes while maintaining a decorative cohesiveness. By selecting, say, a fire column and a tabletop heater from the same collection, the ensemble look will bring a rare sophistication to your outdoor living space. Moreover, we’ve also developed furniture designs to coordinate beautifully with the heater of your choice.

Quality Components

In addition to the fine materials that have been used in the design of our heating models, you can expect the same level of quality from the parts that allow them to function. The fire rings that accompany our propane models are made from long-lasting stainless steel, and the propane tanks themselves are certified for safety and small in size for maximum portability. While the fuel tanks are not included with our heaters they are easily accessible local retailers.


Design Composition

Where indicated, our outdoor heating options are made from from Envirostone™, a scratch-resistant composite of resin and marble that delivers durability, versatility, and a lightweight feel. Select heaters are made from steel while others are crafted from natural stone. We also offer ceramic models, all specially treated to resist wear and tear and promote the longevity of the product.


Our patio heaters and the heat-generating fire rings that accompany our propane models are made of high-quality 430 stainless steel. In addition, many of the propane-powered models that have been designed to replicate the look of authentic fire pits come equipped with decorative logs made of weather-resistant ceramic.

Propane, Power, and Heating Space

The majority of our outdoor heaters are powered using 1-lb. propane tanks, which are lightweight, easy to install, and readily available at many retail locations. The power emitted by our heaters ranges from 12,000 to 20,000 BTUs (Thermal Units), depending on the size of the model you choose. Generally, the smaller models may generate warmth up to ten feet away, whereas the heat radius of the larger models may extend beyond fifteen feet.


Our models are approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), the standard for safety approval in North America where all outdoor electrical and gas products are concerned.

Customer Service

Bond pledges to reinforce our quality heaters with excellent customer service. We are at your disposal during our listed hours to respond to any question or issue that may arise as you install and enjoy this new addition to your patio. If a problem with one of the components should occur, we will do our utmost to address it.