Will the logs change color?

Answer: The logs will not change color, but you will notice a carbon build up from propane gas. This is normal. You can clean the logs using soap and water. Be sure to dry the logs thoroughly after cleaning.

Is placement of the logs important?

Answer: For some of the model log placement is important, see manual for details of log placement. If log placement is not specified in the manual, you can place the logs how you like.

Can I use my gas firepit inside?

Answer: Gas firepits should only be used outdoors. You should not use your gas firepit in a building, garage, or any other enclosed area.

Do Gas Outdoor Firepits require a lot of assembly?

Answer: Some of the fire pits come completely assembled and are ready to go right out of the box. Many of the models do require some assembly, but the manufacturers try to keep the time and complexity of putting one together to a minimum so most of the time they can be assembled in a

What should I do if I smell gas when operating my outdoor firepit?

Answer: If you smell gas do not light the appliance. Do not touch any electric switches or use any phone in your building. Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor’s phone and follow the gas supplier’s instructions. If you can’t reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.