Is it normal for my outdoor firepit to rust?

Answer: If your firepit is made from non-stainless steel materials it will rust over time. Rust is the result of the oxidation of iron in the presence of water and oxygen. Stainless steel outdoor firepits will not rust however they will turn yellow over time. This is a natural occurrence due to the heat of

Can I use manufactured logs in my wood burning firepit?

Answer: Wood fire pits can use manufactured logs like Duraflame. However, be aware that manufactured logs contain chemicals that can break down the finish on some types of steel fire pits more quickly than regular wood. They will also start faster and sometimes burn hotter and have more noxious smoke.

Can I use my wood burning firepit on my deck or patio?

Answer: Wood Burning Outdoor Firepits should only be used on hard, level non-combustible surfaces such as concrete, rock, or stone. Wood Burning Outdoor Firepits should not be placed on wooden decks or patios without non-combustible protection underneath.

Does it matter what type of wood I burn in my outdoor firepit?

Answer: It is recommended that you burn dry, seasoned hardwood in your wood burning outdoor firepit. Dry, well seasoned hardwoods will burn hotter, more completely and create less smoke. Dry, well seasoned firewood will have a moisture level of 20 percent or less. The moisture content of firewood can easily be determined by using a

How should I clean my wood burning firepit?

Answer: Once the wood burning fire is completely out, the firepit is cool to the touch and the ashes have been removed and properly disposed of, you can clean your wood Burning Outdoor Firepit with a mild dish washing detergent or baking soda. Stubborn surfaces can be washed with a citrus based degreaser and a

Can I leave my wood burning outdoor firepit out rear round?

Answer: Outdoor Firepits are made with durable all-weather materials. However, if your firepit came with a firepit cover you should cover it when it is not being used to protect it from harsh weather conditions. If your firepit did not come with a vinyl firepit cover, you can cover it with a tarp or store

Is there anything I can use to help start a fire in my wood burning firepit?

Answer: Yes. There are a lot of fire starters that you can use with your wood burning outdoor firepit to quickly and easily start a fire. For example, Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares, Super Cedar FireStarters, Fatwood Fire Starter, Pine Cone Fire Starters, and Ceramic Firestarting Stones are all safe for use with outdoor firepits.

Will the logs change color?

Answer: The logs will not change color, but you will notice a carbon build up from propane gas. This is normal. You can clean the logs using soap and water. Be sure to dry the logs thoroughly after cleaning.

Is placement of the logs important?

Answer: For some of the model log placement is important, see manual for details of log placement. If log placement is not specified in the manual, you can place the logs how you like.